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Here at The Coalition Of Black America, we are committed to investing in the communities that are most affected by the socioeconomic disparities present in the world today. Black America is angry! And we aim to harness that anger into an actionable list of demands and agendas that our governing bodies can carry out in a practical manner. Continue below to learn about these demands and some of the current initiatives we are implementing to help better our communities. 

Our Agenda: About Us


C.O.B.A is looking for strategic plans (not promises) from our governing officials that address the following areas:

The Economy (Wealth Gap)

Mass Incarceration



Access to Wealth

Police Genocide

Our expectation is that practical solutions to these issues will be formed and implemented in a  manner that allows for tangible results to be measured. For more on our goals and areas of interest, please click on the link under the "Politics and Policies" initiative below.

Our Agenda: Text


C.O.B.A. is committed to attacking head-on the issues that are most pressing in the African American and Black communities today. We believe that the most efficient way to achieve more for our people is by strategically addressing the areas of civil justice, economic relief, economic independence, proper health care provision, and education. Although we know that progress in these areas will take time to achieve, we still believe that there are ways to have an immediate impact in our communities today. Below, you can find some of the areas that C.O.B.A is currently focused on to help make that impact.



The recent killing of unarmed black citizens such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery has sent shock waves across the country. Coupled with the mishandling of these cases by police chiefs, district attorneys, and other local leaders, many agree that there needs to be a dramatic change in the systems that govern our communities. C.O.B.A. stands ready to fight for social justice in every way by advocating for victims of racism in this country. Click below to see the latest details on these and other social justice issues, and for ways to support the cause including rallies, protests, and more.


Given recent data released by state and local governments, it is clear that the novel coronavirus is affecting African Americans at a much higher rate than many of their non-Black counterparts. Statistics show a huge disparity in deaths among Blacks in comparison to their percentage of the population. COBA is looking to help combat this trend by providing care packages containing essential sanitation items to residents in some of the hardest-hit cities. We are also aiming to partner with local Public Health Departments to set up testing sites that are accessible to residents who do not already have one nearby. If you would like to volunteer, sponsor, or donate to these efforts in any way, please click below



Without a doubt, one of the strongest tools that Black Americans have as a community is our political power, and here at C.O.B.A. we are aiming to organize this power in a cohesive fashion. While traditionally African Americans have been viewed as political pawns whose issues only seem to matter during elections, we will look to change that narrative by mobilizing the Black vote! We will ask our members to unite together on election day to cast their ballots as one, but only for prospects who can show tangible plans to implement programs that are directly in line with our agendas and goals. Click below to view these goals and learn more about how your vote can be used to achieve social independence!

Our Agenda: What We Do



Before we can effect change, we must become a unit. Therefore, COBA is looking to grow in numbers by gathering members who agree with our agendas and are excited about joining an organization that is willing to fight for true equality for African American and Black communities all across the country. Join us today as we embark on our mission to change the world!


 We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. Both members and nonmembers can easily contribute to the great work we are aiming to do here at C.O.B.A. by volunteering your time. Get in touch with any questions about how you can get involved with our initiatives today!


Any donation to our cause is greatly appreciated and will only be used towards the efforts that C.O.B.A. are carrying out. Please click the link below to donate and rest assured that your contribution will go towards making our community better!

Our Agenda: Get Involved
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