C.O.B.A. is dedicated to making sure you know how to vote and what you are voting for! This election is too important to just blindly cast your ballot. The below links and  videos were created to help provide resources that can be used to research candidates and issues that are on this year's ballot. As well as walk you step by step through the mail in ballot process. Knowledge is power, and we want you to have all the power this year by knowing what you vote for and who you vote for. Watch these videos in order to know your ballot, and to #KNOWYOURVOTE!!

Image by Tiffany Tertipes


These short videos walk you step by step through filling out your absentee ballot if you are voting by mail.



Candidate and Ballot Resources Tailored Specifically to the Voter.

The below videos show voters how to gain more information on who and what they are voting for. No more blind voting because we now have the power of knowledge.